Traveling could be really fun but there are a lot to look out for from your Visa, Flight ticket, Accommodation, Reason for travel , Departure airport and Arrival Airport


Visas are subject to validity period so be aware of its validity, the type of visa given and be sure it suits your reason for travel, sometimes there are situation where the embassy grants visas less than what you applied for unknowingly so its imperative you review your visa duration and make sure your names are spelt correctly

Flight Tickets

Your names and itinerary should be cross checked immediately your agent(s) tenders your itinerary as corrections can be made without costs if reported immediately.


Ensure that the accommodation provided is up to par (you can read up reviews about various types of accommodation from hotels, resorts and even AirBnB). Provide as much information to your travel agent regarding special needs like handicap access, travelling with children or pets, allergies etc.

Reason for Travel

Some countries will not grant you entrance into the country if your reason for travel does not correlate with your visa or if upon entrance you wish to change the status of your visa.


Security of you luggage(s) cannot be over emphasized on both departure and arrival airport. Also have your eyes on your belongings even when its been searched by the Airport authorities . At every country of stop-over your time should be reset according to the local time of the country as your itinerary times always connects with your present country and always remember to ask questions.

Bored at the Airport?

Park Smart by always remembering to keep your gadgets and its charger handy.Ask for the airports official Wifi username and password and be careful of other free Wifi connections around. Take pictures: as pictures they say tell a thousand words.

What to do when you miss a connecting flight

Missing a connecting flight can be exasperating so, what do you do in this situation? Contact your travel agent as soon as possible OR you locate the airlines counter if they have any in the airport that you are stranded at.

It could pay off to let your bank know about your travel so they can advice on your cards feasibility abroad and more. Remember to change your Hard Currencies in town and never at the airport unless you need just as little as your transport fares. You will always have better exchange rates outside the airport